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Milos, Greece

While other Greek Cycladic islands such as Santorini and Mykonos represent over-advertised romantic getaways or party hubs, Milos is an entirely different story. If you appreciate beautiful sunsets and tiny fishing villages, and if you love experiencing authentic culture and discovering new towns by way of motor scooter, a week on Milos is the ideal holiday for you. 
At least it was for me. In fact, I'm already making preparations for my wedding in Milos. Now all I need is someone to marry! For now, I'll stick with visits to Santa Maria Village Hotel, the stunning family-owned bed and breakfast that we stayed at in June 2016. Santa Maria Village is situated a quarter mile away from Adamas, the port where ferries from Athens dock. When we arrived at Adamas we took a taxi up the hill to our small B&B. When we arrived, the owner himself, a 40 year old Greek man, showed us to our garden room. We settled right into our spotless room and fell fast asleep, happy to be off the ric…

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