Coffee Shops of NYC, New York

New York City is the capital of unique coffee shops. In no other city can you find a cozy place to hang out on every street corner. And its not all Starbucks and Gregory's either. Through my two years of studying at The King's College in NYC, I've had to seek out places to work when I need a break from the school library and my tiny apartment. Lucky enough, NYC has plenty of supply!

One of my favorites, Birch Coffee in Downtown NYC, is dedicated to providing craft coffee to the neighborhood finance aficionados and studying PACE students. They also have a library wall where you can take a book and leave a book for someone after you.  

Visit virtually through this video shot by the illustrious Marina Barham.

Here are some of my favorite unique and independent coffee shops to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon in New York City...

Maman Coffee, Bakery, and Kitchen

Welcome to Maman; coffee shop, bakery, and kitchen. Maman's light and airy atmosphere welcomes you in with open arms. With raised white ceilings and delft blue accents, you'll think you've stepped into a Danish porcelain parlor.

 Entrepreneur and designer, Elisa Marshall says of her vision for Maman, "It's a mutual passion for delivering exceptional food within an artful and warm setting."

Maman Tribeca has two sections; a coffee shop, and a dining room in the back. If you're here to study, grab a seat on the first blue-cushioned couch that faces the window out to the cute Tribeca square. Sit farthest towards the right wall to keep away from the outside air whenever the door opens.

Order your $5 latte to stay, it will be served in a darling Delft teacup. Or, if you're on the run, even their to-go coffee cups are decorated with Delft blue. If you couldn't tell, I LOVE Delft! Ceramic to-go cups are for sale, but I haven't had the courage to cough up $20 for one yet. Maybe for my birthday? (Mom, this is a hint.)

Time for a study break? Walk to the hostess stand towards the back of the shop. Its right next to their icebox filled with homemade Italian gelato. A hip, smiling waiter will seat you at a worn-wood table with miss-matching Delft porcelain ware.

Take a close look at all the menu items because each one is handcrafted by Michelin Star French chef, Armand Arial and presented beautifully. Armand's $12 quiche is hands down the best I've ever had. I've heard that Maman's brunch cocktails are also delicious. 

Maman has several locations throughout the New York City area. These include Soho, Tribeca, Greenpoint (LIC), and the ICP.

211 West Broadway (on Franklin Street)
New York, NY 10007

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