About Me

My name is Morgan Ewing. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, beach house in Florida, studying in NYC, and traveling everywhere. I love the color pink and playing in competitions and feeling the sun on my skin. Growing up in a family that travels the world, I've learned that J.R.R. Tolkien got it right when he wrote,

"Not all who wander are lost."

 This NYC Life

Living in New York City, I'm constantly surrounded by people rushing from one building to another. I'm just as busy, running from business classes at The King's College on Wall Street, to babysitting on the Upper West Side, to adventuring through the city with friends, and to Battery Gardens to sit by the Hudson. To me, New York City embodies so many different cultures, sights, and traditions, and I love that one can visit so many different micro-cultures within a few block's radius. NYC is the greatest city in the world, but I also love to get out of it to travel abroad.

Grand Central Station

Morgan, Before

You'd never believe me if I told you that I grew up in Salt Lake City. Okay, you've got me, its actually pretty obvious that I'm from Utah. Growing up in the shadow of the beautiful SLC mountains and among the super-nice and also very overwhelming population of Mormons has engrained some peculiar habits in me. My overuse of the phrase "oh my heck" and complicated family history (27 aunts and uncles from my polygamous grandfather) make my history all too conspicuous.

But I'm glad its obvious because I've been blessed with a peachy childhood. I adore my family, especially my mom, and a lot of who I am is because of them. Check us out in the mountains behind our house circa 1998. 
Mitchell, Chance, Morgan, Marcie
 After 20 long years running their own businesses, my parents decided to take a extended vacation! In 2014, we packed up our stuff and moved to the beach in Vero Beach, Florida. This was the same month that I moved to college in NYC. Judging from the daily ocean view Snapchat's I receive from my mom, I can guess that she's never enjoyed living anywhere as much as she loves her beach house.

When I'm not at school in NYC, I'm at my parent's house in Vero Beach, Florida. I spend my mornings at Costa d'Este Beach Hotel and Spa as a Guest Services Agent, and the afternoons either struggling through a Charles Dickens novel on the beach or coloring my "paint by numbers" canvas.

We're visited by my cousins who happen to live near us. They come by for beach days at #marciesbeachhouse and stay over for the weekend.

 Dad with the Anderson kids at #marciesbeachhouse
Now that my parents have officially left Utah, my family is free to continue our long-standing tradition of world travel. My mother, a Travel Agent and International Corporate Events Planner, loves to take us around the world. Among my favorite places to visit are Venice, the Rhine River in Germany, and Israel. These places share whimsical cobblestone streets and interesting people. I hope to continue traveling for the rest of my life.  

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